Indulge your Craving for Greek food in Tarpon Springs, Florida

Posted by Sunshine Silva in Tarpon Springs, Florida

Tarpon Springs is not only the home of the world’s finest sponges; it is where you can savor the best Greek dishes in the United St...

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Welcome to the Food Capital of Malaysia, George Town

Posted by Sunshine Silva in Georgetown, Malaysia

Are you a foodie? Do you enjoy savoring delectable dishes while traveling?  If you are, you must visit George Town in Malaysia. This...

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Batanes, Philippines, a Paradise for Intrepid Travelers

Posted by Sunshine Silva in Batanes

The Philippines is known for its beautiful beaches and islands. It is country blessed with a tropical climate that spells lots of water a...

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Enjoy Year-Round Spring at Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Posted by Kimberley Reyes in 日月潭國家風景區, Taiwan

Sun Moon Lake is a popular destination for vacationers for its pleasant year-round weather and beautiful scenery. It is known for its rec...

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Hokkaido Japan: A cold weather that keeps you warm

Posted by Kimberley Reyes in Hokkaido, Japan

Planning to travel during the late months of the year? Hokkaido Japan has the right adventure for you. Visit Niseko, the most famous s...

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Experience the Danish life in Copenhagen

Posted by Kimberley Reyes in Copenhagen, Denmark

Attracting as much as 4 million people in the mid-April to mid-September, Tivoli has got to top your list when visiting Copenhagen. Va...

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Feel Minute when you Visit the Giant Buddha, China

Posted by Sunshine Silva in Leshan, China

The tallest stone Buddha statue in the world, the Giant Buddha will make you thankful it is not a living thing or else you’d be squ...

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Papua New Guinea, a Dream Destination for Intrepid Travelers

Posted by Sunshine Silva in Papua New Guinea

Comprising the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and the offshore islands of Melanesia, Papua New Guinea is not your usual travel ...

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Jeju Island, South Korea’s Enchanting Island

Posted by Sunshine Silva in South Korea

A favorite of both local and foreign tourists, Jeju Island is one of the most visited places in South Korea. It is filled with natural wo...

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5 Best Restaurants in Budapest That You Will Surely Love

Posted by Kimberley Reyes in Budapest, Hungary

Are you a foodie traveler in search of your next destination? Why not head to Europe and try what Budapest has to offer. Many foodie trav...

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Listen to the Chiming of the Orloj in Prague

Posted by Sunshine Silva in Prague, Czech Republic

One of the most beautiful cities in the world and one of the most visited cities in Europe; Prague will appeal to all type of travelers, ...

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Watch the Northern Lights in Tromso, Norway

Posted by Sunshine Silva in Tromso, Norway

If you have been raring to watch the spectacular northern lights unfold, you must take a trip to Tromso, Norway, a city known to be the o...

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