Darcy Hibberd, Vancouver born and raised, is the President of North South Travel. Darcy started North South Travel in 1981. By that time she had already traveled the world as a flight attendant and learned the agency side of the industry by working for a local travel agency and then a Caribbean yacht charter operation.

In 1981 there weren’t many women starting up a business but when you mix an entrepreneurial spirit, a love of travel, careful attention to the needs of your customers and a lot of hard work, the results speak for themselves. Today North South Travel has grown from a small two person operation located at the entrance to Granville Island, to one of western Canada’s largest independent travel management companies and we have been proudly serving the Westside of Vancouver, Kitsilano and beyond since 1981. In 2002 we moved to our home at the corner of West 10th and Alma. We have many long-standing valued staff, a couple of our agents have been with Darcy from the beginning. On average our staff members have been with North South Travel for over 15 years!