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India is a fascinating and unique destination for families. Where else can your family stay in a palace, enjoy wonderful food and experience incredible wildlife?

India really has it all for families – palm fringed white sand beaches, canoe and houseboat adventures, tiger safaris, camel riding, mountain train journey’s and a culture that is so vibrant and alive.

Worldly parents of travelling families are looking for a destination where the destination itself can teach their children something about life, a different culture, history and diversity; an exciting destination where nothing is familiar, the sights and the sounds, the holy cows wandering the streets of Delhi. Exposing children to different cultures at a young age breeds open minded adults who are truly able to appreciate the world’s diversity.

India is a country that will delight and surprise you as you journey through it’s lands.

When it comes to the “best” places to visit, Kerala is always at the top of the list. Sailing through the back waters is relaxing for families and a great way to bond at the beginning of your trip. A chance to see a majestic tiger in the wild is usually on most people's bucket list when they plan a trip to India. It’s a profoundly emotional experience and a teaching opportunity for children that goes beyond what they would learn in school. A family photo taken in front of the Taj Mahal is a memory that will last forever. The forts and palaces of the Golden triangle area will enchant your children as they wander the courtyards, stairs and hallways of these amazing structures.

Here are some tips when travelling to India with children:

  1. Plan a relaxed itinerary as children need time to recoup, swim in the pool at the hotel and share their experiences to social media or chat with their friends on Facetime.
  2. Be flexible. Don’t pack your day full of excursions and if you have to change the excursions around to accommodate a sleep schedule or swim in the pool, be willing to do this.
  3. Hire a private car and driver for your excursions and getting from point A to B. This will not only save time but it will be more comfortable and convenient.
  4. Immerse your family in the culture. Buy your children Saris and local clothing that allows them to embrace the culture. Children are welcomed and included all throughout India.
  5. On all excursions, stock up on bottled water and snacks to avoid burn out moments!

Above all learn, laugh and live your amazing family adventure as you travel together through India!

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