Travel Tips and History on Tallinn, Estonia

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The Historic Centre of Tallinn is an exceptionally well preserved ancient city that dates back to the 13th century and was built by the crusading knights of the Teutonic order. It developed as part of the Hanseatic League. The opulence and wealth of the city is clearly demonstrated by the buildings and churches found here. It was an important trading European city on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

The ensemble that comprises the upper town on the high limestone and the lower town that comprises of churches and spires forms an impressive skyline that is visible from great distance from land and sea.

The upper town, also referred to as Toompea features a castle and a cathedral. It has always been an administrative center of the country. Other important buildings in the town include bugher buildings, Town Hall, churches, pharmacy, monasteries, craftsmen guilds, merchants etc.

The Old Town of Tallinn comprises Outstanding Universal Value and this is the reason it was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The medieval city has been so well preserved that it retains the salient features that made it a great commerce center in the ancient Estonia.

Most a student and low budget tourist wonders where they can spend a fun holiday without paying through the roof. You have just found the country. I am reliable told that the five star hotels here charge half what their western counterparts charge. In a bid to attract tourists, Estonia has opened its borders to tourists from most developed countries. You will get your tourist visa from the point of entry as long as you have a passport of your origin country.

Whoever thought that the Eastern Europeans do not know how to party were wrong. In Estonia, the night scene is as active as New York if not more active. The fact that you can mix the fun with some sightseeing a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site makes this destination even more alluring. If a destination can be termed exotic, this is as exotic as they come. Make sure you camera keeps rolling to have a safe record of the fond memories that you will make here.

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