Exquisite Escapes: 5 Must-Go Places to Visit in Rwanda

Posted by North South Travel · Jun 14 · in Rwanda · about Culture & History

When one thinks of Rwanda, it's natural to envision rolling hills, cultural richness, and majestic wildlife. However, there's another side to this East African gem that until recently remained unexplored—the realm of luxury tourism. Let us uncover the finest attractions and essential tips for an unforgettable experience in Rwanda.

5 Must-Go Places to Visit:

1. Kigali: A Vibrant Capital with Urban Delights. Contrary to traditional perceptions, Kigali is a bustling city that showcases Rwanda's rapid development and cultural diversity. Explore the vibrant markets, upscale boutiques, and art galleries that adorn the city. Make sure to visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial, which stands as a poignant reminder of Rwanda's tragic history and remarkable resilience.