5 things to do in Cairo that aren’t the pyramids

Posted by Julie Vogel in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is big. The largest city in the middle east. 10 - 20 million people depending on who you ask. Yet most tourists only stay here 2 da...

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Beirut Baby

Posted by Julie Vogel in Beirut, Lebanon

“Hi, kifak, ca va?” On phrase says it all. English, Arabic and French. Hi! How are you? Fine!…. the quintessential Beirut expression. The...

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Best Cities In Europe During The Fall

Posted by Dana Elford in Florence, Italy

The transition from summer to fall in Europe not only means fewer crowds, shorter lines, ideal weather, and fantastic value - it also mea...

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Experience Italy

Posted by Dana Elford in Italy

Whether travelers are first-time visitors or been-there-done-that veterans, our Travel Advisors provide unparalleled access to the people...

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Top 10 Things To Do On Easter Island

Posted by Dana Elford in Easter Island, Chile

It’s no doubt that Easer Island is well known for its mysterious history and of course hundreds of Moai statues. Various theories surroun...

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5 Interesting Things to Do in Venice

Posted by Dana Elford in Italy

Wander through the streets, let your senses guide you There's nothing better than getting lost and wandering aimlessly in a (safe) city y...

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Craig's Familiarization Tour To Spain

Posted by Craig Sabasch in Spain

This FAM was organized via Virtuoso and hosted by Made for Spain, one of the fantastic onsite suppliers we work with. This trip concentra...

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Experience the Danish life in Copenhagen

Posted by Kimberley Reyes in Copenhagen, Denmark

Attracting as much as 4 million people in the mid-April to mid-September, Tivoli has got to top your list when visiting Copenhagen. Va...

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Imperial War Museum in London

Posted by Kennedy Runo in

Are you interested in the backgrounds that led to modern wars? Let me suggest a place where you can begin your research. The Imperial War Museum of London is the place to beat. The museum tell the stories of people's experiences during the wars. It gives you the insider perspective.

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Cave of Altamira and Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain

Posted by Kennedy Runo in Spain

The caves are a representation of the Palaeolithic art that developed in Europe, particularly in the Iberian Peninsula and Urals from 35,000 to 11,000 BC. The caves possess deep galleries that are isolated from climatic influences – a fact that has helped the art remains well preserved over thousands of years.

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Our Agent Craig Explores China with Air Canada

Posted by Kemi Wells in China

One of our agents Craig was invited by Air Canada to go on a FAM (Familiarization) trip to China for 8 days visiting the Fujian province ...

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Historic Town of Sukhothai and Associated Historic Towns

Posted by Kennedy Runo in Thailand

The first Siamese architectural marvel can be demonstrated by the 3.38 square kilometers Historic Park of Sukhothai. The town of Sukhothai is located in the present day Thailand and consist of 3 closely associated ancient towns.

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