Exquisite Escapes: 5 Must-Go Places to Visit in Rwanda

Posted by North South Travel in Rwanda

When one thinks of Rwanda, it's natural to envision rolling hills, cultural richness, and majestic wildlife. However, there's another sid...

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Exploring Bangkok

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Bangkok, Thailand · 1 Comment

Exploring Bangkok… A few days in "The Land of Smiles" In November 2019 I was honoured to join the “best of the best” in the luxury tra...

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Exploring Athens

Posted by Julie Vogel in Piraeus, Greece

Ahh, Athens…It is the oldest capital city in Europe, has more theaters than Broadway and the West End combined and home of the first know...

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Exploring Vienna

Posted by Julie Vogel in Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Vienna is one of those wonderful places that should be on everyone’s list. It was the capital of the Habsburg Empire for 600 years. This ...

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Peruvian Adventure with Abercrombie & Kent

Posted by Craig Sabasch in Peru

I was thrilled to be accepted on a FAM trip for Virtuoso advisors hosted by Abercrombie & Kent Peru. I travelled 27 Feb - 9 March 2019. ...

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6 things to do in Antwerp

Posted by Julie Vogel in Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp wows! A history filled with money and culture has resulted in a very impressive present. This small city with the big port has be...

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5 things to do in Cairo that aren’t the pyramids

Posted by Julie Vogel in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is big. The largest city in the middle east. 10 - 20 million people depending on who you ask. Yet most tourists only stay here 2 da...

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Beirut Baby

Posted by Julie Vogel in Beirut, Lebanon

“Hi, kifak, ca va?” On phrase says it all. English, Arabic and French. Hi! How are you? Fine!…. the quintessential Beirut expression. The...

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Best Cities In Europe During The Fall

Posted by Dana Elford in Florence, Italy

The transition from summer to fall in Europe not only means fewer crowds, shorter lines, ideal weather, and fantastic value - it also mea...

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Experience Italy

Posted by Dana Elford in Italy · 1 Comment

Whether travelers are first-time visitors or been-there-done-that veterans, our Travel Advisors provide unparalleled access to the people...

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Top 10 Things To Do On Easter Island

Posted by Dana Elford in Easter Island, Chile

It’s no doubt that Easer Island is well known for its mysterious history and of course hundreds of Moai statues. Various theories surroun...

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5 Interesting Things to Do in Venice

Posted by Dana Elford in Italy

Wander through the streets, let your senses guide you There's nothing better than getting lost and wandering aimlessly in a (safe) city y...

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