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Chris just helped me to fix a big problem. I am currently in Lausanne Switzerland, where I arrived yesterday from Vancouver. It turns out my itinerary yesterday included a short haul flight (in a multistep ticket) from Zurich to Geneva, and by mistake I simply left the airport in Zurich and got a train to Lausanne (which is also fairly close). It turns out Air Canada and Lufthansa cancelled my whole trip on the grounds that it was incomplete. I was effectively stranded.

Chris emailed me this morning and spent hours (literally) to do two things: (1) first he secured a new set of flights back to Vancouver for next weekend, just in case; (2) he managed to recover credit from Air Canada to get back our original ticket, with only a small penalty of $150 dollars applied.

At the end we have cancelled the back-up flights (at no penalty) and got back our (almost intact) old itinerary. This could have been a very costly mistake, but thanks to Chris and his professionalism I am happy to report that I will be able to travel as planned at a small penalty.

I am extremely grateful to Chris, and I want to express this in writing.

You have a great colleague.



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