See the Highlights of Senja's Outer Coast

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Senja’s inner coast is beautiful and serene, but if you’re looking for action, head to the outer coast, where you can see Norway come to life.

Senja’s outer coast was once difficult to access, with few roads leading to it. Fortunately, more roads and tunnels have been developed to carry you over from the inner coast, giving you the opportunity to experience this Norwegian wonder in real life.


If the beach is on your list of activities, then you’ll want to head over to Bøvær, where the sandy-white beaches and sparkling waves invite you to stay awhile and relax. Enjoy the view of the Atlantic ocean and the 98 islands of the Bergsfjorden.


Senjahopen and Mefjordvær

These twin villages may have their similarities, but that ends where activity is concerned. If you’re looking for a peaceful day taking in the history of the area, head to Mefjordvær; otherwise, Senjahopen is the place to go for action.


The Devil's Teeth

Aptly named for the peaks of the 2300-foot Okshornan Range Tower that is visible in the centre of this area, it is a popular destination for stunning photography. The position of the tower against the horizon offers a striking effect.


The Senja Troll

This is, actually, a large stone troll who is accompanied by his wife in this park that is situated beside the fjord. This child’s play area is themed with folk legends and tales.


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