Learn About Inuit Culture in Greenland

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · May 02 · in Greenland · about Local Events

Greenland owes its history to the cultures of the Inuit people who have lived there for centuries. Discover the land by learning about its people

If you want to learn about Greenland's history, there is a museum in every town that will tell the story of how the people lived on the land many generations ago. Most of the displays are common – hunting tools, clothing and utensils made from the hides and bone of animals hunted, etc. What you might also see are the small houses of peat moss that served as home to the people right up into the 60's.

You won't find historical castles or forts, and there is no evidence of the land ever being ruled by a sovereignty. The community acted as one and cohabitated as one with a strong spirit and mutual respect. There was no “ownership”. All the Inuit people had was shared (with the exception of some personal items)

The Inuit people danced. They danced to tell stories, and they danced to celebrate. They even danced to mourn. You can learn about these traditional dances, as well as the crafts of the people by visiting the museums and tourist centres across Greenland.

Learn about the history of the country and discover how the ingenuity of the Inuit people allowed them to thrive in a world of odds, and the strides they have made in the community today.

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