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Here are the spots to enjoy nature and wildlife, as well as exciting eco-adventures in Sierra Leone, Africa.

Sierra Leone is a richly forested country, with amazing wildlife and tons of cool nature spots to check out. You can visit and enjoy everything from beautiful lagoons to lush forests, and there’s plenty of exotic wildlife to see, as well as eco-lodgings for a nature-rich overnight experience.

Tribewanted: John Obey Beach is a small eco-tourism community on around 6 acres of beach, lagoon and land, located adjacent to the John Obey fishing village on the Freetown peninsula. Here, you can find great eco-lodges, from earth domes to beach bungalows, with a peaceful setting by the sea. The Banana Islands lie southwest of the Freetown peninsula and are about a 20 minutes boat ride from Kent. They offer amazing opportunities for snorkelling, fishing and canoeing. Here, you can also find accommodations such as the Banana Island Guest House.

For wildlife experiences, check out the Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary, which is of profound ecological importance to the region. Established in 1979, the island is home to 11 primate species, over 135 bird species, various butterfly species and at least 627 known plant species. Another great place to check out for this experience is the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary situated outside of Regent Village, only 30 minutes from Freetown. It is a home for orphaned and habituated chimps and a refuge for human visitors as well, offering daily scheduled visits and 3 eco-huts if you would like to stay overnight. Tacugama has even been featured in various wildlife programmes and magazines.

There are also numerous other places you can explore forested areas and see wildlife etc, but these are the best places to have eco-adventures in Sierra Leone, as they specially cater to the eco-tourist. Some of the other places you can check out for wildlife experiences are: Yawri Bay -- with its rich tidal mudflats and mangroves, home to tens of thousands of birds; Kangari Hills Forest Reserve – an important wildlife community about 210 km east of Freetown, and home to savannah-dependent birds, chimpanzees and elephants; Tingi Hills – which has the second highest peak in Sierra Leone, as well as a forest reserve; Kambui Hills Forest Reserve and the Mamunta Mayosso Wildlife Sanctuary.

These are all great places to have a fun eco-adventure. So grab your bags and explore the beautiful natural abundance of Sierra Leone.


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