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The archipelago of Lofoten in the county of Nordland, Norway holds many wonders ... you could spend a lifetime there without discovering it all. Fortunately, we've narrowed the list down for you - here are three attractions we think you should see.


Moskenes Island

The original maelstrom, which is a powerful current, hails from Moskenes. If you have the courage to brave the treacherous waters to the rim of Lofoten, you will discover ancient settlements and impressive caverns bearing 3000-year-old cave paintings.


The Bird Rocks

If you want to see seabirds, head to the island of Røst and the surrounding area. Here you will find the majority of Norways seabird population. As an added bonus, the Skomvær Lighthouse offers a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean.



With the mountains at your back and the ocean in front of you, Eggum is the home of the midnight sun - a natural phenomenon in which you can still see the sun during the midnight hours. The area, itself, is reminiscent of the middle ages, with buildings grouped and settled at the foot of the mountains.


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