Waterfront Dining at its Best in Maui

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Maui boasts some of the most exclusive resorts and restaurants in the world. Some of these restaurants are highlighted below.

Check them out!!! 

1. Seahouse Restaurant

Located on the most beautiful bay in Maui - the Napili Bay, Seahouse Restaurant is an open air restaurant that boasts sweeping views of the ocean and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Amazingly, you can get a seashore table set. The restaurant serves dishes such as Tenderloni Bruscheta, Braised Cherrystone Clams, Spicy Ahi Stack and many more.

2. Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Restaurant at Grand Wailea

This restaurant is located on a 4o-acres piece of land that has a long beach. It is one of the few restaurants where you can have a meal then walk bare footed for more than 5 kilometers on private beach to aid your metabolism.

3. Sarento's

At sorento, you will be literally sitting on the seabed. You can feel the sea waves make soft tremors on your feet. You will not only breathe crisp fresh air but also eat in one of the most beautiful place on earth. If it was possible, you would teleport this restaurant to your neighborhood so that you can eat there daily.

4. Mama's Fish House

For the views alone, I would stay at this restaurant...but this is not enough for the restaurant management. It goes out of its way to ensure that only the freshest sea food is served at the restaurants tables.

5. Kula Lodge

It is amazing that somebody could build such and amazing restaurant at the elevation of 3,200 ft. elevation. Despite all this, Kula Lodge is one of the best eateries in Maui and has spectacular sweeping views of the Ocean and the mountains. The culinary delights served here are only available in a few other places in the world.

Maui is a natural paradise. Its authorities do not have to work too hard to make it look beautiful. Its coastline and volcanic soils have ensured that this will never be an issue - and yet, they put in the human touch that makes everything look surreal. If you have never been to Maui, then it should be on top of your bucket list.

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