Walking the Glaciers of Norway

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · May 03 · in Norway · about Outdoor Activities

Norway's Glaciers look intimidating in pictures, but you can't truly appreciate them until you've seen them with your own eyes. Walking the surface of these stunning ice formations is an unforgettable experience.


Glaciers cover over 2600 square kilometres of land in Norway. For a country 324,220 square kilometres in size, this may not sound like much but, in fact, the glaciers are visible from an astounding distance. 

Walking the glaciers of Norway is no simple feat. As the ice is always in motion, there are ever-present dangers of avalanche, collapse, and even crevasses breaking apart unexpectedly. This trek requires a high degree of physical fitness, alertness, and knowledge about the behaviour of glaciers. Most people, unfortunately, don't come equipped with knowledge, so there are official guides available who can take the walk with you. 


You'll need equipment. Even in the summer months, the glaciers give off freezing temperatures, so warm clothing and sturdy boots are needed. For protection, you may also want to wear a helmet, and bring along sunglasses to prevent snowblindness.

While walking the glaciers can be a dangerous, yet thrilling adventure, there are safer areas where trained guides can take anyone - even children - across the icy fields. 

Walking the glaciers is an adventure you can take year after year and always discover something new, thanks to the constant motion of the ice.


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