Walking the Corniche in Alexandria

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Jul 23 · in Alexandria, Egypt · about Sightseeing

The strip of land known as the Corniche in Alexandria has a worldly appeal for those looking for history, and the entertainment value for tourists who are looking for a good time.


To stroll along Alexandria’s Corniche is to combine the mystery of years past with the novelty of current conveniences. The promenade follows the edge of Alexandria’s Eastern Harbour, with the natural waterfront on one side and civilization on the other.

The Corniche, which was designed in 1870, tends to handle a lot of traffic from day-to-day, and is a major circuit stretching from Qaitbay to Montaza. Along the way, you’ll encounter beach huts and casinos, built upon stilts near the shore.


The Corniche has a beauty all its own, and a turn of the head can send you into history across the great water, or entertain you with the many activities the area offers the modern-day tourist.


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