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The Amazonas cover more than 175,000 square kilometres of land and, despite its biodiversity, is still one of the least explored regions on Earth.


The western lowlands of Amazona is mostly taken up by tropical rainforest that bears the habitat necessary for a variety of native flora to thrive. Just walking through the dense bushy areas will introduce you to the many weird and wonderful things that grow there. You will come across swampland, flat-topped mountains, and indigenous plant life, all with a purpose.


The animal life is just as diverse, ranging from aquatic animals like dolphins, otters, and manatee, to commonly known mammals like howler monkeys and puma. Among those are many rare and less commonly understood species, including breeds of bird and reptile.


While the Amazonas prides itself on its jungle life, it isn't necessary to spend your entire trip there - the area does have city life, full with restaurants, a museum, cathedral, and markets to shop at. For those hotter days, the water park  La Parque Tobogán de la Selva is a refreshing choice.

Finding accommodations is rarely a difficult task, as there are several places around the town, from hotel to log cabin, to choose from. Book with a tour operator and you can take advantage of all the Amazonas has to offer, such as boat tours, mountaineering, and white water rafting.

The Amazonas have four recognized national parks - Duida-Marahuaca, Parima-Tapirapecó, Serranía La Neblina, and Yapacana. Unfortunately, the last three of these parks are closed to scientific research, but Duida-Marahuaca is open for public exploration.


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