Visit Sri Lanka's Sunny Unawatuna Beach

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Unawatuna Beach is unarguably the best beach in all of Sri Lanka. Stop by and see why the Discovery channel named it the best in the world.

Planning a trip to Sri Lanka in the near future? Then you most certainly have to include Unawatuna Beach in your travel plans.  It is situated in the coastal town Unawatuna, in Galle. This famous beach was named best in the world by the Discovery Channel, and with its features and surrounding amenities, it isn’t hard to see why.

The crescent shaped beach is protected from the open sea by a natural reef, which has a semicircular shape so it forms a perfect natural swimming pool with a beautiful aquamarine colour, banked by golden sand. The uniqueness of this beautiful beach cove is that at any given time of the day, one can get into the shallow waters without fear of the open sea. Also, the level of water forms a natural gradient, creating a shallow and a deep end in this natural swimming pool, and the coconut palms fringing the beach provide the perfect shade from the sun if you so require.

A variety of hotels and guest-houses immediately surround the beach, offering you a huge selection of places to stay, dine or enjoy amenities. You can enjoy spa treatments with local herbal ointments and medical creams, as well as mouth watering local cuisine featuring curries done with creamy coconut milk and spices along with seafood such as crab, prawn, lobster, mussels, tuna and cuttlefish. All this is available to you right on the beach, as guesthouses –just waiting to serve you—will offer their services, even without being asked.

This beach will cater to all your sea bathing and water based activities such as surfing, scuba diving, underwater photography, sailing, yatching and the latest attraction --setting out in search of the blue whales which linger very close to the beach, just a few kilometers to south of the bay. It is truly the perfect vacation spot for families, honeymooners or a party of friends, and offers a unique beach experience that some say is the best in the world.


Book your trip to Sri Lanka today – and enjoy the world-famous Unawatuna Beach!

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