Top Activities to Try in the Azores, Portugal

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Here’s a list of the top activities to try during your trip to the Azores Islands, Portugal.

  • Scuba Diving

Enjoy diving beneath the surface of the archipelago’s crystal clear waters. Explore caves and shipwrecks while you see interesting and exotic marine life. With day and night diving available, for beginners and for pros; the opportunities are endless for diving in Azores.


  • Whale Watching

The Azores are one of the world’s largest whale sanctuaries and a huge range of species of cetaceans can be spotted off these shores. Embark on a whale watching adventure, and you will surely not be disappointed. You will see rare, resident and migrant species as you cruise the Atlantic Ocean waters around Azores.


  • Yachting & Big Game Fishing

Navigate a sailboat or motorboat on the seas of Azores. Many options are open to you, with boat and yacht rentals, charters and tours available. The Atlantic Ocean around Azores is also a favourite destination for big game fishermen, and draws large crowds each year for this purpose. You will find blue and white marlin, dolphin fish and various species of tuna. Rentals are also available for this activity, so get out on the open waters for fishing or just sail at your leisure.


  • Canyon Climbing and Exploration

Numerous canyons are situated on the Azores Islands, with special tour operators catering to persons wanting to explore them. Check out this activity if you want experience a combination of extreme sports and amazing nature trails. You will be rappelling, walking and climbing while checking out valleys, streams, cliffs and rivers; and all will be picturesque environments.


  • Beach and Coastal Activities

This category refers to exciting activities you can enjoy at a beach or near the coast. These include paragliding, surfing and canoeing/kayaking. These are all very exciting avenues to explore, so you can choose based on what you like. One thing is certain though, the waters around the Azores Islands offer the perfect conditions for each of these activities at various locations.


  • Other Activities to Enjoy

Other activities you can enjoy include: Golf, horseback riding, bike tours, hiking and bird watching among others. The possibilities are endless, and at the end of it all, stop by a spa for relaxing therapies and treatments and a range of facilities from steam rooms to Jacuzzis to help you recharge after a day of activities.

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