The Vikings of Stockholm

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The Best Places to Explore Viking History in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Viking Age is the most famous era of Swedish history, lasting from 800-1100 AD. During this time, they set up towns, cities, establishments and government buildings among other structures, most of which lies in ruins today. Nonetheless, a visit to these ruins is a far richer experience than looking at historic rubble. It is an enriching experience with educational value.

You will see how these people lived their lives, where they dwelled and performed various activities and duties. You can see artefacts and relics of this famous civilization during your visits and hear stories and facts about all things Viking. Here’s a list of the best ways to explore Viking history in Stockholm, Sweden:


Historiska Museet (the history museum)

This museum has a superb Viking exhibition including interesting artefacts such as jewellery and weapons. Their Gold Room displays the gold and silver hoards found throughout Sweden, and is of special interest. During the summer season, Vikings occupy the inner courtyard with crafts, and you can take part in sports and games.



During the Viking Age, Birka was a town and important trading centre. It is located on the island of Björkö in Lake Mälaren and is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Strömma company offers a day trip to Birka by boat, and the package also includes an informative guided tour and entrance to the on-sit museum. The company has also reconstructed part of a Viking Age village which you can check out, and also hosts many events through the summer.


Storholmen Viking Village

The Storholmen Viking Village is located in the Norrtälje area, north of Stockholm. Day trips are available to this destination, where you will find an experimental open air museum.



Uppsala is about 40 minutes from Stockholm, and is a great place to visit to get a glimpse of Viking culture. The surrounding area is littered with Viking Age artefacts like grave fields, monuments and runestones. There are numerous tours that will give you the ‘guided experience’, or you can check out some of the sites and museums on your own.


Aifur (restaurant)

This restaurant located in Gamla Stan, serves up Viking Age cuisine, giving your taste buds a taste of what is like to eat like a Viking warrior. Head here to check out the gastronomic heritage of the Vikings.