The Cruise Ship of the Future?

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Jan 07 · in Caribbean, · about River or Ocean Cruises

Cruise ships could one day be replaced by giant floating metropolises, some travel company think tanks have come up with.

A concept image for a vessel of the future has been released, which does away with the traditional cruise holiday. Instead, a central pod is shown surrounded by three luxury hotels, which may not even enter port. The floating resorts could be favoured due to a “rising global population and an increasing lack of space on dry land”.

The seafaring cities wouldn’t need to speed from port to port offering cultural days out; the emphasis would be shifted from speed through the water to comfort and aesthetic appeal. With multiple helipads, passengers could join the cruise at any time so the giant ships wouldn’t even necessarily need to dock. While research has suggested that a number of cruise passengers do not leave their ship until the end of their journey.

So would you be interested in a cruise ship like this in the future?

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