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Papua New Guinea is a land lost in time ... where the days of old have little changed. There is simply no better way to impress upon a traveller the true significance of the land than to view it from the deck of a luxury cruise line.


The slow pace of island life is reflected onto the decks of the ships that sail the coast and rivers that surround the island. That's not to say, however, that there's nothing to do on one of Papua New Guinea's cruises - there are numerous activities on board to give you the satisfaction of having both excitement and relaxation in the same place. 

You can take one of the larger international cruise lines that make a yearly trip to the island, or board a coastal boat for a tour of the Sepik River and the islands.

There are a number of cruise lines offering tours of the area, but the most popular three are the Kalibobo Spirit, the Sepik Spirit, and the Orion.

This is a small, private luxury yacht catering to groups of up to 12 people. The common tours take you along the Sepik River and to the lakes of Chambari and Murik. Aside from a speed boat to conveniently take you to areas of the river and lakes inaccessible to the yacht, the Kalibobo is also equipped with a helipad for easy transportation to remote areas of the islands.  



The Sepik Spirit

The comfort and convenience of the Sepik Spirit has awarded it with the label of being full-scale accommodations on the water. While it's bulk may restrict it from entering smaller waterways, it employs several jet-boats seating up to 18 people to allow you to explore a wider area. You'll be able to get off the boats and move about the remote villages. Nine guest rooms come equipped with an en-suite bathroom and personal air conditioning controls.

This 5-star Australian vessel makes two annual trips to PNG. One of the most up-to-date ships of her time, guests have access to the internet, an on-board gym and sauna deck, a health spa, and each room has a sitting area and stunning marble bathrooms. The tours are determined by season - springtime (which is between October and November in PNG) takes you along the Australian coasts, while fall will show you the remote areas of PNG including Melanesia.


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