Surf's Up in Sri Lanka!

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · May 20 · in Sri Lanka · about Outdoor Activities

Sri Lanka offers a fairly inexpensive option for surf vacations. If you're looking to hit some foreign waves, then head to this Asian country!


Surfing in Sri Lanka is rather dependent on the season. Through May and September, the best swells occur in the Eastern coast of the region, while the Western coast is best from November to March. Monsoon season (December to March in the Northeast and June to October in the Southwest) offers the greatest opportunity for high waves, but is only recommended for experienced surfers. 



The surfing atmosphere along the coasts is quite evident, and the beaches are generally packed with locals and tourists. There is some issue with crowding on the prime surfing days, and it's important to know that local surfers tend to become aggressive with tourists, so be courteous of others on the beaches to avoid any trouble. 


There are several beaches to choose from, but the top recommended areas are Arugam Bay, Main Point, Whiskey point, and Wijaya Beach. Surfing equipment and novelties are sold in many shops throughout the coast.


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