Study the Elements at Futura Science Centre in Hungary

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Science is always interesting, and the Futura Science Centre in Hungary makes learning about the Earth’s elements exciting.


Futura Science Centre is full of the wonders of science, and one section is designated to the world’s natural elements - Water, Earth, Air, and Fire. While each exhibition has many interesting activities and information, here are some key points.



Understand the element of water in its many forms such as liquid, solid, and gas. Learn how water circulates to create clouds and rain, and the process of evaporation. A scale model shows the various ways water benefits the world.


If you’ve ever wondered about the science behind earthquakes, you’ll learn about it here. Create your very own earthquake, and record the effects on a seismograph. You can also experiment with structures to see how they hold up during an earthquake.


How does sounds travel? Experiment with air and some specially designed devices to learn how voices and sounds can travel on air. The Air exhibit also shows the complexities of weather.


Experiment with the many shapes of fire, including solar flares and lightening. Learn how a fire’s fuel can determine the colour of its flames.


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