Savour Delectable Japanese Cuisine on a Tokyo by Night Food Tour

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Sep 12 · in Tokyo, Japan · about Nightlife

Skewered grilled chicken, sweet treats and sake… Just a few of the Japanese dishes you will be trying on this food tour.

Let’s face it; we’ve all had Japanese food at some time or another. But this is usually locally produced food cooked up in a kitchen, just streets away. When we visit Japanese restaurants in the West, the chefs often wow us with their ‘flaming’ dishes complete with bold flavours that inspire us to learn new recipes.

On your visit to Tokyo, you will definitely be checking out local restaurants and trying new things—that’s a given! Take a Tokyo by Night: Japanese Food Tour however, for an authentic Japanese culinary experience. On this tour, you will be savouring some amazing Japanese dishes while experiencing the local nightlife. The city’s night time culinary scene is alive and vibrant, and waiting for you to check it out.

You will visit several popular street food vendors, bars and restaurants to indulge in local favourites such as grilled meat skewers, hot plate dishes, sweet cakes and sake. You will also learn a lot about Japanese cuisine and culture, as well as the places you visit and some Japanese food traditions. This is truly an authentic Japanese culinary experience, which you are sure to carry back something from.

Be sure to check out the Tokyo by Night: Japanese Food Tour during your stay in Japan. For more information about this tour/destination, or for help with booking your trip, please feel free to contact us.


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