Honouring Hiroshima at Peace Memorial Park

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If you want to show your support for the people of Hiroshima on the upcoming anniversary of the A-Bomb, head to the Peace Memorial Park.


This August 6th marks the 68th anniversary of the tragic bombing of Hiroshima. While the day may be a glimmer of a thought in the minds of many western populations, the anguish of that day lives strong in the hearts of the people of Hiroshima.

You don't have to look hard to find the Peace Memorial Park – its importance is reflected in the prominence of its elements. The park spreads across more than 120,000 square metres of land and its landscaped lawn, quiet walking paths, and lush trees strike a clear contrast to the chaos of the city surrounding it.


Once the heart of city, the Peace Memorial Park sits on the area targeted by the bomb. Rather than rebuild the section, the people of Hiroshima decided instead to memorialize the event and honour the victims with a tribute to peace.

There are several structures in the park, including the Cenotaph to remember the victims (over 200,000 names are registered here), the Dome – once the Prefecture Industrial Promotion Hall, which was one of a handful of buildings to remain standing after the bomb, and the Museum, where you can learn about the disaster and its effect on the people even today.


To attend the annual ceremony can be a heart-wrenching affair, but the fortitude and perseverance of the people of Hiroshima is proof that there is always a path to peace.


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