Head to Finnmark to Experience the Exhilaration of Dog Sledging

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The crisp winter air and the sound of sled tracks on snow transport you to a place in time where ‘simple’ was better. Hang on to your sled and enjoy racing across frozen land with the help of trained sled dogs.

For a truly unique experience in Norway, check out Dog sledging in Finnmark. This method of transportation has been in use for hunting and travel for over a thousand years, and now you can try it out, with your professional Norway host, David Spinx. “The dogs never seem to want to stop running,” says Spinx about his powerful sled dogs. So, if you are feeling sorry for these pooches, don’t, because they love what they do! The dogs are friendly and sociable, and you will have fun meeting and getting to know them.

On this sledging trip, you have the option to operate the sled yourself, or sit in it, while it is operated by a professional. You will get brief training as to how to operate the sled if necessary, as well as meet and interact with the lovable huskies (which Spinx has 50 of). You can opt for a short ride, an extended ride and behind-the-scenes interactions, overnight stays or group rides with multiple sleds. This is based on your preference and depends on the level of involvement you want to experience. Extended trips and overnight stays allow you to feel like a part of a real sled team, as you will be able to feed the dogs and participate in other activities related to sledging.

The owners will pick you up in Kirkenes, and return you there when you are done. If you want the overnight experience, you can stay at Rica Hotel Kirkenes, or rent a cabin close to Birk Husky. This is definitely an experience to try if you visit Norway. It offers fun, adventure and an opportunity to learn how to sled and learn about the amazing dogs that pull them. For more information and details about this experience, or if you have questions, comments or concerns about booking your trip, please feel free to contact us.


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