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Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Jul 22 · in Valparaiso, Chile · about Local Events

You can hardly contain the excitement you’ll feel as you get lost in the waves of the sailboats racing to finish first in the Chilean regattas. Whether you come as a spectator or a competitor, the event is certain to be remembered for many years to come.


The Chilean coastline is the perfect place to host many boating activities, such as the annual “Off Valparaíso” Regatta, in which the billowing sails of many boats provide friendly opposition to reach the finish line first.

Since 1973, the Regatta has been a much-anticipated event for locals and tourists, alike - not to mention the competitors who come from all over the world to take part in the races. The event is held in October each year and has an average number of 50 boats participating. If you plan to compete, there are sailboat rentals you can take advantage of.


The Off Valparaíso Regatta is not the only boat races taking place, however - you can enter (or watch) various types of watercraft races in Algarrobo, Concón, Lake Vichuquén, and Laguna de Aculeo.

For more information, send an email to deportes@escuelanaval.cl.


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