Explore Columbia's History in the Archaeological Parks 

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Jul 03 · in Colombia · about Sightseeing

Why is it that thousands of travellers each year head to Colombia to visit the archaeological parks? It's simple - to really appreciate the richness of the culture in Colombia, you need to visiting one (or more) of the several archaeological parks spread across the land.


When pre-hispanic civilizations walked the grounds of Colombia, they left behind a mark of their existence.


We can study these marks today to create an imagery of how Colombia's ancestors lived. While many artifacts and monoliths that have been discovered remain a mystery of the people who left them, we have enough evidence to portray the social, organizational, developmental, and nutritional methods of a civilization long passed.


Here are 3 parks we recommend:

Whether you are studying the cave paintings of Facatativá or visiting the tombs of Tierradentro, you will find something new and inspirational in the history of Colombia.


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