Enjoy a Day and Night Adventure on a Desert Safari in Dubai

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Sep 09 · in Dubai, United Arab Emirates · about Outdoor Activities · 3 Comments

Spend the evening cruising by 4x4 in the deserts of Dubai; surf the timeless sands, ride an ATV and see local wildlife. Then, as night falls, head to the desert camp for refreshing entertainment, before hunkering down for a cool night in the desert.

Dubai is unarguably a luxurious city with plenty of five-class accommodations offering a variety of options for entertainment. But break away from the hotel and resort scene for a day, and you will find there’s plenty more to do in Dubai than lounge at your hotel. An excursion into the deserts of Dubai is the perfect activity to engage in on your trip here, as you have a range of safari options to choose from depending on what you would like to do. You can opt for a day safari, evening safari, or evening and overnight safari.

On these safaris you can enjoy a range of activities including sand-boarding, ATV riding, driving dune buggies and camel rides. You will cruise through the deserts past amazing scenery and see wildlife such as camels and jackals; the well adapted residents of this arid landscape. The drive isn’t boring either, as the skilled drivers of the tour operators will at times amaze you with their driving skills, by doing some fun manoeuvres.