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Just like Washington and White House are to the United States, Moscow and Kremlin are to Russia. The ensemble comprising of Kremlin, Red Square and Moscow form the 3 most significant political symbols of the Russian Federation.

The Kremlin was built from 14th to 17th century by genius Russian and Foreign architects. It was the residence of the Great Prince as well as a religious center. By the foot of its ramparts, you will meet the Red Square and St. Basil’s Basilica. The basilica is the most beautiful Russian Orthodox monument.

The period between the 13th century and the founding of St. Petersburg saw a lot of major events associated with Russian history happen at the Moscow Kremlin. Within its walls you will find architecture and plastic arts as well as religious monuments such as the Cathedral of the Dormition, the Church of the Annunciation, the Church of the Archangel, the Great Palace of Kremlin, the Bell Tower of Ivan Veliki and several other points of interest.

Within the Kremlin Palace, you will find the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin as well as the Teremoi Palace.

Attractions within the Red Square include Saint Basil the Blessed that is considered an edifice of the Orthodox Art. The Russian architecture has over the years been heavily affected by Kremlin influences.

The Kremlin of Moscow

Historical chronicles shows that the Kremlin of Moscow has been in existence since 1156. It is home to some of the most valuable monuments. Since the Principality of Moscow was established in 1263 and the subsequent transfer to Moscow of the seat of Vladimir’s metropolitan in 1328, the city has been the center of temporal and spiritual power.

The following are the attractions that you would love to see when in Kremlin:

  • Cathedral Square
  • Nativity of the Virgin (1393)
  • The Patriarchs and the Church of the Twelve Apostles
  • The Arsenal of Peter the
  • The triangular palace of the Senate
  • The Arsenal and the monasteries of the Miracle and of the Ascension

Red Square

The Red Square is home to some of the most edifying monuments in Russia. Its history is closely associated to that of Kremlin on the outside of its ramparts. Below are the attractions you should expect to see on Red Square:

  • The Cathedral of St Basil the Blessed
  • The Cathedral of Kazan

If you want to mingle with the power barons of Russia, there is no better place to do this than in Kremlin. It happens to also be the top tourist attraction in Russia. With the number of monuments and artifacts within it, it is literally a museum of the Russian culture.


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