Top 5 Restaurants in Penang, Malaysia

Posted by North South Travel in Penang Island, Malaysia

If you ever find yourself in Penang, Malaysia, make sure you check out the restaurants listed below - they may yet make your lackluster M...

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10 Facts about St. Peters Basilica in Rome

Posted by North South Travel in Rome, Italy

The most important cathedral in Roman Catholism is the historical Vatican's St. Peter's Basilica. With Italian greats such a...

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10 Interesting Facts about the Forbidden City

Posted by North South Travel in Beijing, China

The Forbidden City was the abode of the Chinese Emperors, their families, staff and government officials. It was occupied by emperors fro...

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Going to Bangkok ? Love Jazz ? Read on

Posted by North South Travel in Bangkok, Thailand

Are you looking for a nice place to relax and listen to some amazing Jazz? Well in the heart of Bangkok we have found just the spot &n...

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How the Neighborhood Has Changed!

Posted by Liz in Vancouver, British Columbia

The building we call home was built in the early 1900's and hasn't change too much over the years - see the pictorial evidence be...

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Virtuoso's Travel Week in Las Vegas

Posted by Liz in Las Vegas, Nevada

Ever wondered about North South Travel's Virtuoso affiliation?  Many of our advisors are in Las Vegas this week shopping for YOU...

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Learn to be an Astronaut at Space Center Houston

Posted by North South Travel in Houston, Texas

An educational tour can be fun, too! The Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas is open to the public and has activities and information for budding astronauts or anyone looking for a new and interesting experience.

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Visit Panama's Home of the Eternal Spring

Posted by North South Travel in Panama

Hot volcanic springs around the world are becoming a popular choice for tourists seeking a relaxing holiday. El Valle de Antón in Panama has several springs in the area, not to mention other relaxing, and fun activities.

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South Africa's Blue Train Offers Luxury Tourism

Posted by Liz in South Africa

Why has the 900-mile journey between South Africa's Cape Town and Pretoria become such a desired trip for so many tourists? The Blue Train offers travel so refined and luxurious, it's easy to forget that it's a train!

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Canadian Rockies by Train - 69 year wait!

Posted by Liz in Banff, Alberta · 1 Comment

Read the heartwarming story of our special client CeCe - 89 years young and realizing her dream of seeing the Rocky Mountains again after a 69 year wait.

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Tanzania Without the Crowds

Posted by Jane Patrick in Tanzania

Are you looking for a safari experience that is different; a place where you won’t see lots of other tourists? Are you looking for that “...

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