Visit Panama's Home of the Eternal Spring

Posted by North South Travel · Jul 10 · in Panama · about Rest & Relaxation

Hot volcanic springs around the world are becoming a popular choice for tourists seeking a relaxing holiday. El Valle de Antón in Panama has several springs in the area, not to mention other relaxing, and fun activities.


The Panama town of El Valle de Antón boasts favourable weather all-year long. This, however, is not why tourists flock to the valley every year. Also know as the “home of the eternal spring”, a group of hot volcanic springs make it a prime destination for rest and relaxation.

The lush greenery of the area is boosted by the volcanic soil, which is rich in minerals, but the flora in El Valle de Antón is not only beautiful to look at – a wide variety of native plants have healing properties.


Many spas are available to offer the utmost relaxation and rejuvenation from your visit. If you're looking to add a little activity to your trip, however, you can tour the many attractions, shop in the local markets, stop by a museum, or take part in any of the extreme activities, like ziplining.


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