Hayman Island - an InterContinental Paradise!

Posted by Ally MacLachlan in Hayman Island, Australia

Nestled in the heart of the Whitsunday Islands in sunny Australia, the InterContinental Hayman Island Resort beckons travelers with the p...

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Wellness Retreats

Posted by Dana Elford in Vung Tau, Vietnam

Wellness represents different things for each of us, and there is no one path to a balanced life. Find your way to optimal health via bo...

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What You Need To Know About Wellness Travel

Posted by Dana Elford in Bali

Are You a Wellness Traveller?You might just be a wellness traveller and not yet know it. Travelling with wellness in mind doesn't have to...

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Zadar, Croatia, where you can enjoy the musical extravaganza of the Sea Organ

Posted by Sunshine Silva in Zadar, Croatia

A city facing the Adriatic Sea, Zadar is where you can relax and enjoy the musical extravaganza of the unique Sea Organ. The 5th largest...

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5 Beaches in Brazil You Need to Check Out

Posted by Kennedy Runo in Brazil

Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro - Most Rio de Janeiro residents will come to the beach during the weekends for a tanning session. It is one of the most urbanized beaches in the world, but it is still the top beach in Brazil based by the number of people it hosts every weekend.

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Revitalise Your Body, Soul and Mind in One of Finland's Traditional Spas

Posted by Kennedy Runo in Finland

Nothing beats a good massage, then a luxurious bath and thereafter a meditation session. Many countries, especially in Asia, have adapted this form of tourism. Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia are renowned worldwide for their traditional spas tourism. Fortunately for those touring Europe, Finland has some of the best spa services in the world.

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The Byron at Byron Resort and Spa

Posted by Liz in Byron Bay, Australia

One of the great pleasures of being in the travel industry is having the opportunity to meet with passionate people doing what they love ...

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Visit Panama's Home of the Eternal Spring

Posted by North South Travel in Panama

Hot volcanic springs around the world are becoming a popular choice for tourists seeking a relaxing holiday. El Valle de Antón in Panama has several springs in the area, not to mention other relaxing, and fun activities.

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