Tanzania Without the Crowds

Posted by Jane Patrick · May 30 · in Tanzania · about Escorted or Guided Tour

Looking for the "real" African Safari - one without the crowds of people - we've found it for you!

Are you looking for a safari experience that is different; a place where you won’t see lots of other tourists? Are you looking for that “real” African safari? We have found it for you – a small collection of small and intimate properties in Tanzania owned by Tanzania by Firelight.

Tanzania by Firelight’s properties include a luxury mobile camp in the Serengeti; repositioned several times a year in search of the Great Migration, a top of the range tented camp in  the wilderness of Katavi National Park, and a private island paradise on  Lake Tanganyika. A perfect blend of safari and beach experience!

Close to nature, these small and intimate camps are special places where you can truly hear and smell the sounds of the African Bush. Each tent incorporates fine interior design and luxurious décor.  A stay at one of these properties is where you have the opportunity to see incredible game without lots of tourists and it’s a part of Africa with one of the lowest risks of Malaria, because there are few people.

Safaris are operated out of two of these exclusive properties. Vehicles are allowed to go off road and passengers travel in an open sided vehicle that has been modified for comfort and great photographic opportunities. Lupita island is their private island escape on Lake Tanganyika where water sports, romance and relaxation fill your day. You can even altitude dive in Lake Tanganyika!

On your next trip to Africa, try something just that little bit different and remember - one trip to Africa is never enough!

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