Exploring the Zambezi River

Posted by Liz in Zambia

Kelly Bromley, one of our Leisure specialists, took a group to Africa last June to explore the Zambezi River. Read about her experience ...

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Sangay National Park, Ecuador. You Gotta Go Here

Posted by Kennedy Runo in Ecuador

Sangay National Park is a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site that is located in the Cordillera Oriental region of the Andes in central Ecuador.

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An overview of the History and Development of Golf at The British Golf Museum

Posted by Kennedy Runo in United Kingdom

If there is a place that you can learn a lot about golf other than at the course itself, it is the British Golf Museum.

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Where to go to find adventure in Australia

Posted by Kennedy Runo in Australia

Australia is the world's most naturally endowed continent. It boasts vast tropical rainforests, huge water bodies, and expansive coastline with beautiful beaches. It shares a boundary with two oceans - the Pacific and Indian Ocean.

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Encounter the Thrilling Thaipusam Festival on a Trip to Malaysia

Posted by Kennedy Runo in Malaysia

Thaipusam is a Tamil Festival celebrated on the Tamil Full Moon. It is celebrated in all the countries that have Tamil Hindu communities such as Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Singapore and Myanmar.

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Revitalise Your Body, Soul and Mind in One of Finland's Traditional Spas

Posted by Kennedy Runo in Finland

Nothing beats a good massage, then a luxurious bath and thereafter a meditation session. Many countries, especially in Asia, have adapted this form of tourism. Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia are renowned worldwide for their traditional spas tourism. Fortunately for those touring Europe, Finland has some of the best spa services in the world.

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Best Places to Shop in Bangkok

Posted by Kennedy Runo in Bangkok, Thailand

Are you headed to Bangkok on business or leisure? Great. You will soon realize that the Thai capital is also one of the most visitor-friendly cities in the world. It boasts active night life and many adventure-seekers' attractions.

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Sample the Mesmerizing Beauty of Cocos Island National Park in Costa Rica

Posted by Kennedy Runo in Costa Rica

Cocos Island National Park is located 550 kilometers off the Costa Rican Pacific Coast and is what the romantics refer to as a 'place of ethereal beauty’. The national park is an embodiment of natural undisturbed beauty that can only thrive where humans have little or no access to.

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Adventure Hot spots in Argentina

Posted by Kennedy Runo in Argentina

Have you ever thought of Argentina as an adventure destination? Well, read through the list of the top adventure hotspots in the country below and it will be an eye-opener.

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Astounding Beaches To See In Kauai, Hawaii

Posted by Kennedy Runo in Kauai, Hawaii

Rest and relaxation is often times taken lightly. You should not be one of the people which do this. Ninety percent of old folks almost always have one regret - they did not spend more time with family having fun. They wish they had travelled more. They wish they took more time to treat themselves better.

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Phuket

Posted by Kennedy Runo in Phuket

The name Thalang comes from ancient Malay which literally means 'cape'. In European maps, Phuket was also known as Jung Ceylon, a corruption of the Malay name 'Malay Tanjung Salan' which means Cape Salang.

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Exploring the Historic Centre of Santa Ana de los Ríos de Cuenca

Posted by Kennedy Runo in Ecuador

Santa Ana de los Ríos de Cuenca is located in the Andean Mountains in the south of Ecuador. It is an inland colonial town and Ecuador’s 3rd city that was built under rigorous planning guidelines issued by the Spanish King Charles V. Cuenca.

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