Swim in the Enchanting Cambugahay Falls at Lazi, Siquijor

Posted by Kimberley Reyes · Sep 29 · in Siquijor, Philippines · about Outdoor Activities

Isla del Fuego, the Island of Fire. Siquijor is one destination in the Philippines that many Filipinos still avoid due to the mystical tales of spells and charms that surround the island. They say its the home of witchcraft in the Philippines. However, if you go beyond such beliefs, you will soon discover that Siquijor is actually a hidden gem that every traveler should take the time to visit at least once.

Aside from mystical beliefs about the island, not many tourists head to Siquijor for a vacation because it's a bit hard to reach. From the airport in Manila, you will need to fly to Dumaguete City airport then take an hour-long boat ride to Siquijor. Once you reach the island, however, you'll realize that the hassle is all worth it as a postcard-worthy beach and a line of trees welcome your arrival.

While the whole island of Siquijor will truly capture your heart, one of the most beautiful spots you will see in the island is the enchanting Cambugahay Falls in the town of Lazi. Siquijor's famous three-tired waterfall cascades from from a small rainforest above the mountains, freshwater springs, and watersheds. As you slowly follow the steps going down from the main road, you will soon see gushing waters behind the lush greens, inviting you to take a dip. Unlike most waterfalls, the water of Cambugahay Falls is warm.

Take a laidback holiday in the charming island of Siquijor and get a chance to relax your body and rejuvenate your mind in the waters of Cambugahay Falls.

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