Go gung ho over Instant Ramen in Ikeda, Japan

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A global food craze, the instant ramen has reached the table of almost everyone in the world. From lowly villages to plush resorts, you would find instant ramen. And if you are crazy for instant ramen, you must visit Ikeda, Japan, the birthplace of instant ramen!

Considered as one of the best inventions of Japan, instant ramen is a very popular instant dish and billions of packets have been sold worldwide. In fact in 2014, China consumed more than 46 billion packets! If you want to learn more about this global food craze, you must visit Ikeda, Japan.  The city of Ikeda is located in Osaka Prefecture, and was founded in 1939.  There are numerous attractions in the city but it is famous for being the birthplace of instant ramen. The city is very accessible by land travel from numerous points in Japan, but if you are in a hurry to eat instant ramen in its birthplace, you can fly into Kansai International Airport, the nearest major international airport to Ikeda.  It is about 74 kilometers from the city and is served by a number of domestic and international carriers from all over the world.

The first place you must visit in Ikeda is the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum. Because of the popularity of ramen worldwide, it is visited by thousands annually. Momofuku Ando invented the world’s first instant noodles right in his own backyard. This interactive museum is where you will learn more about its history through exhibits and hands-on workshop. It features a chicken ramen factory, my cupnoodles factory, cupnoodles theater, a tasting room, instant noodles tunnel, a museum shop, and so much more! After having your fill of instant ramen, you must visit the city's other attractions including the Ikeda Castle Site Park, Fukumaru's House, Satsukiyama Park, and  Satsukiyama Zoo, just to name a few.

Indulge in some satisfying instant ramen while you are consulting your travel agent about a trip to Ikeda! 

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