Watch the Northern Lights in Tromso, Norway

Posted by Sunshine Silva in Tromso, Norway

If you have been raring to watch the spectacular northern lights unfold, you must take a trip to Tromso, Norway, a city known to be the o...

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The Best of Malta. You gotta go here!

Posted by Sunshine Silva in Malta

Known as the “Land of Honey”, the island country of Malta will spellbind you with its magnificent landscapes, fossil-peppered...

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Yangon

Posted by Kennedy Runo in Yangon, Burma

From the people in the street to those in restaurants and pubs, Burmese are spontaneously sweet. Everywhere you go in the city of Yangon, you will be greeted with a smile - and the smiles are not cosmetic, they are heartfelt. Be ready to get overwhelmed with kindness and warmth.

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Top 5 Up and Coming Destination Countries in Africa

Posted by Kennedy Runo in Africa

Africa has lately been a very attractive place for the holiday makers. It has several things going for it such as good climate, diverse wildlife and affordability. With the growth of infrastructure in the hospitality industry, the holiday package that is unraveling in this continent is hard to resist even among the most cynical people about Africa.

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Top Travel Attractions in Paris

Posted by Kennedy Runo in Paris, France

For more than two millennia, Paris has commanded respect and awe among the Europeans. In fact, by the 12th century, the city had already become a walled religious, cultural and learning center. It was the world's largest city until around 18th century.

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Sample the Mesmerizing Beauty of Cocos Island National Park in Costa Rica

Posted by Kennedy Runo in Costa Rica

Cocos Island National Park is located 550 kilometers off the Costa Rican Pacific Coast and is what the romantics refer to as a 'place of ethereal beauty’. The national park is an embodiment of natural undisturbed beauty that can only thrive where humans have little or no access to.

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Phuket

Posted by Kennedy Runo in Phuket

The name Thalang comes from ancient Malay which literally means 'cape'. In European maps, Phuket was also known as Jung Ceylon, a corruption of the Malay name 'Malay Tanjung Salan' which means Cape Salang.

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Useful Bulgarian Phrases That Will Help You On Your Next Trip

Posted by Kennedy Runo in Bulgaria

Eastern Europe languages are not easy to read, let alone understand. They seem to have done away with excessive vowels.

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Scary Spooky Halloween

Posted by Liz in Vancouver, British Columbia

Competition was fierce this year amongst NST staff for bragging rights to best costume.  It was a close race, but Jackie's home ...

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Congrats Classic Star Winner!

Posted by Ashley Honigman in Vancouver, British Columbia

We are excited to announce that for the 2nd year in a row, Lorraine Stobbe – one of our finest Luxury Vacations Specialists – has achieve...

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Tips to Adding Romance to Any Trip

Posted by Ashley Honigman in Vancouver, British Columbia

If you can afford it, try to plan at least one vacation with each other every year.   It’ll create great memories and a stronge...

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Best Christmas Markets in Europe

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Dresden, Germany

Best Christmas Markets in Europe Dresden, GermanyThe Dresden Striezelmarkt was named after the famous "Striezel" or "Stollen", a loc...

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