Sleep Under the African Sky

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We have a unique travel experience just for you! Have you ever spent a night under the African sky? With nothing but a mosquito net between you and the stars? Imagine falling asleep to the sounds of the bush and being woken by them as the morning sun starts to paint the sky on its ascent....

The sleep-out deck with its luxurious star bed is right by a waterhole so a variety of animals will come and go especially in the early morning- providing a rather unique alarm clock!

An African waterhole at sunrise is a fantastic spot for wildlife viewing and what better way to take it all in, than from the cosy comfort of your bed. Guests are escorted at sunset to the deck for sundowners, before being left to enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding bush veld as the day turns to night. But don’t worry, a guide is never too far away, in case you hear a curious bump in the night, most likely an elephant making its way through the bush.

Elephant’s Eye, Hwange

The best Zimbabwe has to offer, Elephant’s Eye, Hwange lodge presents an unforgettable experience with African wildlife in an intimate and welcoming setting. Attention to detail and friendly service in the heart of the African bush will ease you into a peaceful, serene escape. You will enjoy the quiet, beautiful views overlooking the waterhole, which is frequented by elephants and other game, allowing you to feel at one with nature.

Your Experience

Elephant’s Eye is situated in the northwest corner of Zimbabwe about 2.5 hours south of the mighty Victoria Falls. You will be whisked away into the heart of nature, and spoil you with excellent service, gourmet food and bespoke accommodation.

Your Hosts

The kind-hearted and exceptionally friendly lodge staff encapsulate the warm reputation Zimbabwe is so well known for. They play a key role in ensuring that your experience at Elephant’s eye Hwange is an unforgettable one by attending to your every need and are therefore one of our most valued assets and a great source of pride!

Safari Collections

The in-depth knowledge of Southern Africa and all that it has to offer has allowed Hideaway Africa to curate the top safari experience packages available in the country. They focus on creating custom-made tours to suit all your requirements down to the last detail, at the best rates and all whilst ensuring that no travel time is wasted on route to your destinations.

Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park, is unsurpassed by any other game sanctuary in Southern Africa. Nowhere else is there a larger concentration of wildlife to be seen in such vast numbers, making it impossible for visitors, even on the shortest stay, to be disappointed.

The land that is now home to Hideaway’s eco lodge Elephant’s Eye covers 6000 acres and borders the internationally renowned Hwange National Park, which has is renowned for its large elephant and lion populations. As there are no fences separating the park and the concession, the resident wildlife is free to roam. The plentiful animal sightings can also be attributed to the fact that several boreholes have been established in and around the concession, in partnership with the CWF, so ensure that the wildlife has enough water to sustain them throughout the year.

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