Best Burger joints in Melbourne, Australia

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Melbourne is the capital of the Australian State of Victoria and is the fastest growing city among the state capitals of Australia. Part of this growth is contributed by the high number of immigrant workers and tourists that visit the city.

A sudden influx of people always triggers massive investments in the hospitality industry. That is the reason why you will find a burger joint in every other street corner in Melbourne. Some say that the city has slowly been Americanized that you start to wonder whether it is located in the US or in Australia. Of course, there was no much difference between the two countries in the first place. If you are in the city, or if you intend to visit it, you are well advised to check out the following burger joints.

1. Huxtaburger - This restaurant is located at 106 Smith Street in Collingwood. The restaurant is said to have burgers with the fluffiest and sweetest buns in Australia.

2. Parlor diner - This restaurant is located at 64 Chapel Street in Windsor. The summer time burger served here is like nothing you have tasted before. It comes with curly fries, onion rings and some milkshake.

3. Mr. Burger - This burger Franchise has ruled the burger industry in Melbourne for some time. It is located at various locations, giving customers an option of getting a burger in the joint nearest to them. Its red juicy beef patties are legendary.

4. Trunk diner - Located at 275 Exhibition Street, this diner serves a burger that is so sweet that you will get addicted to burgers for the rest of your life. The restaurant has kept high standards for all the time it has been in existence.

5. Rockwell & Sons - This restaurant is located at 288 Smith Street in Collingwood. It serves some of the most well-balanced burgers you can have anywhere. The customer care resembles that given in a five star hotel. If you get your burger from this restaurant, you will never want to have it anywhere else.

Other popular burger restaurants in Melbourne includes; Beatbox Kitchen, the Merrywell, The Aylesbury, The Drugstore Espresso, Movida Aqui and many more.

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