Attend the Sabah Dragon Boat Races in Malaysia

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Dragon Boat Races are fun for the whole family ... spend a couple of days this summer at the 28th annual Sabah Dragon Boat Races in Malaysia.

The Dragon Boat Races have been around longer than most people may image. In fact, scholars have been able to trace its origins back more than 2500 years. Today, the races are still held as a celebration of the summer planting season for rice in China. 

So, why dragons?

Twelve animals make up the Chinese Zodiac and, of those, only the dragon holds a mythical quality about it. Believed to be the caretakers of the waters, both on the Earth and from the sky, it is only logical that the boats be fashioned in the style of the dragon. Fortunately, the races have evolved for the better from the ancient method of knocking competitors in the water to drown or beating each other with bamboo sticks and stones. Their sacrifices to the god dragon were considered an important part of the event.

Each year, the Dragon Boat Races come to Sabah, Malaysia to honour this tradition, held during the Duan Wu Festival in remembrance of the sacrifice of Qu Yuan and the reverence of the spirit of the dragon. Spectators come out in droves to become enthralled with the melodic beating of the drums as the colourful boats race to the finish.

The event being held this June 15th and 16th, 2013 marks the 28th annual Sabah Dragon Boat Race. Between the races, take some time to sample the local fare from booths set up all along the bay.

You can book the Sabah Dragon Boat Races package for 275RM (about $90CAD) and it includes:

  • Accommodation at Gaya Centre Hotel
  • Ground transportation
  • Meals (as per itinerary)
  • Tour Guide
  • Entrance Fee
  • Visit to Signal Hill
  • Atkinson Clock Tower
  • Menara Tun Mustapha
  • State Museum
  • Handicraft Market
  • Kinabalu Park
  • Poring Hot Spring
  • Dragon Boat Race Day

​For more information about the Sabah Dragon Boat Races, visit the official website.

Book your trip to watch the Sabah Dragon Boat Races today!


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