5 Great Reasons to Visit Georgia (Eurasia)

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · May 30 · in Georgia State · about Local Events

There are many great reasons to plan a visit to the Eurasian community of Georgia. We've only listed five, but you'll discover so many more.


1. Georgia is the home of the first European

Archaeological digs in Dmanisi have uncovered a human skull dating back 1.7-million years. Known as Homo Georgicus, it proves the existence of man long before other remains were identified.in Eurasia.


2. Georgia is the land of the Golden Fleece

The Golden Fleece in Greek Mythology pertains to the skin of a golden-haired winged ram. The legend tells the story of how the fleece was key to setting Jason on the throne of Lolcus. A statue bearing the fleece sits in the centre of Batumi.


3. Georgia is ancient wine country

For over 8000 years, Georgia has been blessed with fertile lands rich with grapevines. As a matter of fact, the discovery of am 8000-year-old vintage in Georgia just proves that wine-making has been in the blood of Georgians for several millennia.


4. Georgia is the home of Europe's highest villages

The settlement of Ushguli is the combination of four villages that are located at the foot of the 5068m high Shkhara. The villages reach a height of 2200m, making them the highest villages in all of Europe.


5. Georgia is more than 3000 years old

With such a long history, Georgia is full of wonder and discoveries. A visit to Georgia will show you a culture that hasn't been forgotten and a world you must see to believe.


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