40 Hungarian Words you Need to Know Before you Go

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Situated in the Carpathian Basin and bordered by Slovakia to the north, Ukraine and Romania to the east, Serbia and Croatia to the south, Slovenia to the southwest and Austria to the west is the central European landlocked country known as Hungary.

Before the modern Hungary was formed by the Hungarian grand prince Árpád in the Honfoglalás at around 9th century, the Hungarian region had been occupied by Celts, Romans, Huns, Slavs, Gepids, and Avars.

Hungary is a very popular tourist destination, attracting a whopping 10.2 million tourists every year. Among the major tourist attractions in the country include: Lake Hévíz, the second largest thermal lake in the world; Lake Balaton the largest lake in Central Europe; the Hortobágy, the largest natural grassland in Europe; and it is also home to the largest thermal water cave system in the world.

With such tourist attractions, I bet you would love to visit the country but the language barrier becomes a major hindrance to your successful tour. Below are a few Hungarian phrases and words that you will find useful during your Hungary tour.

  1. Hello: Szervusz.
  2. How are you?: Hogy vagy?
  3. Fine, thank you:Köszönöm, jól.
  4. What is your name?:Hogy hívják?
  5. My name is ______ : vagyok _____
  6. Nice to meet you: Örvendek.
  7. Please:Kérem.
  8. Thank you: Köszönöm.
  9. You're welcome: Szívesen.
  10. Yes: Igen.
  11. No: Nem.
  12. Excuse me. (getting attention): Elnézést.
  13. Excuse me. (begging pardon): Bocsánatot kérek.
  14. I'm sorry: Bocsánat.
  15. Goodbye: Viszontlátásra.
  16. Goodbye (informal): Viszlát/Szia.
  17. I can't speak Hungarian [well]: Nem tudok [jól] magyarul.
  18. Do you speak English?: Beszél angolul?
  19. Is there someone here who speaks English?: Beszél itt valaki angolul?
  20. Help!: Segítség!
  21. Look out!: Vigyázz!
  22. I don't understand: Nem értem.
  23. Where is the toilet?: Hol van a mosdó?
  24. Leave me alone: Hagyj békén!
  25. Don't touch me!: Ne érj hozzám!
  26. I'll call the police: Hívom a rendőrséget.
  27. Police!: Rendőrség!
  28. Stop! Thief!: Megállj! Tolvaj!
  29. I need your help: Segítened kell.
  30. It's an emergency: Vészhelyzet van.
  31. I'm lost: Eltévedtem.
  32. I lost my bag: Elveszett a táskám.
  33. I lost my wallet: Elveszett a tárcám.
  34. I'm sick: Rosszul vagyok.
  35. I've been injured: Megsérültem.
  36. I need a doctor: Szükségem van egy orvosra.
  37. Can I use your phone?: Használhatom a telefonját?
  38. Where does this train/bus go?: Hová megy ez a vonat/busz?
  39. Do you have any rooms available?: Van szabad szobájuk?
  40. How much does it cost to get to _____?: Mennyibe kerül eljutni _____-ba/-be?

Learn the above phrases slowly and advance to more complex set of words and sentences. Enjoy your stay in Hungary.

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