10 things Every Hotel Room Should Have

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10 Things Every Hotel Should Have


1. A Shower with Hot Water and Lots of Pressure

After a long trip and checking into your hotel all you want is a nice hot shower with lots of pressure to get refreshed. The last thing you want is to hop into the shower and wait minutes for the hot water or for the water to trickle out.


2. Lots of Power Outlets

Nowadays when many of us go travelling we have tons of gadgets to keep charged. These range from computers, tablets, phones, cameras, etc etc. I find it amazing how many hotels these days still only have two or three outlets per room. They should all have loads of outlets and concentrate them more near the bed then on the opposite side of the room.


3. Complimentary Wi-Fi

I don’t understand hotels these days that charge you hundreds of dollars to stay with them and then they expect you to pay extra money per day for internet. I know in Europe many hotels signed long contracts with WIFI providers years ago and are still tied to this contract, but this day in age everyone needs WIFI and in my opinion it’s simply a money grab from the hotel.


4. Lots of Towels

Most of use would like to a dry and new towel when showering and we may take more then one shower per day. Some hotels will only give you one towel for the duration of your stay, so giving us a couple towels and changing them every day is a must.


5. Blackout Curtains

Most people who book a hotel room have booked it for a good and quiet place to sleep. Some of us have arrived at the hotel early in the morning or afternoon after a long flight and may need a rest. By installing blackout curtains, this will block out the bright light and will give us a few hours of much needed rest.

6. Storage and an Abundance of Hangers

When we check into a hotel we need a place with plenty of storage and lots of hangers. We may be on a business trip and need to hang our shirts and suits, so they don’t get wrinkled. We like to unpack our bags and feel more at home. One other pet peeve is that hotels have hangers that make it hard to come apart from the bar. News for the hotel we aren’t going to steal your hangers. 


7. Free Water Bottles

Like WIFI, I have never understood why hotels charge people for water. After a long flight you want to check into your hotel and look over and drink a bottle while you relax. There is no need to charge your guests for water when you are paying pennies for it. You should give two free bottles per day and this can be stocked the next morning. If you drink more then you will have to pay.


8. Privacy

One thing we do need when we are staying in a hotel is privacy. Make sure your windows shut, there are curtains that give a bit of privacy and that you have DO Not Disturb Signs. The last thing we want is a housekeeper walking in while we are in the room or for one the neighbours catching a peek while we are changing or sleeping.


9. Safety Deposit Box

No one wants to be caught in a foreign country without their passport, which is why all hotels should have a safety deposit box that is bolted down to the floor. This will give all guests peace of mind when they are out enjoying the beautiful city


10. Toiletries and a Hair Dryer

Some of us may be business people who are constantly on the move. A hotel should offer toiletries that must include toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo and soap. This will make the stay more comfortable. Also, as we might need to iron a shirt or blouse, all hotels should have a hair dryer and ironing board.

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