Julie Vogel

Julie Vogel

Travel Curator

“A great vacation should include both adventure and luxury,” asserts Julie-Anna Vogel, “though the definition of luxury is a very personal one”.Whether you define luxury as a degustion menu at a Michelin-starred restaurant, orchestra tickets at a renowned opera house or a secluded beach off the beaten path, Julie-Anna shares your passion for the exceptional.

When traveling on business or backpacking with her sons, Julie understands that a successful trip results from a combination of preparation and serendipity.She will study the local history, art and architecture, while reviewing blogposts and online forums for timely insight. “It has been my experience that, when armed with a small measure of understanding and local knowledge, adventure usually presents itself”. Preparation offers insight and insight is the safest and most certain pathway to an exceptional experience.

A self-described travel junkie, Julie has been to more than 95 countries.She has climbed Kala Patthar for the extraordinary view of Everest, followed Escobar’s trail through Colombia and discovered the perfect glove shop in Antwerp. She has lived in Paris, Beijing, New York and London. These days, when not on the road searching for an unexpected destination, her home life is split between the cultural vitality of Toronto and the natural beauty of Vancouver.

A long-time travel writer and blogger, Julie-Anna joined the North South team in order to share her joy of travel and to offer her unique counsel to other adventuresome travelers. As Julie will attest, a great travel experience is as much as about knowing how to travel as it is about knowing where to travel.

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