Why Choose a Small Group Adventure or Customized Journey?

Posted by Dana Elford · Jun 19 · about Awesome Travel Stuff

Small group journeys & customized tours means being able to fully immerse yourself in a culture, uncovering hidden gems and secrets in the destination, and connecting with the local people!

So what does a small group tour or customized journey mean for you?
Unparalleled access

Enjoy access to areas and sites that are often restricted to larger groups of travellers.

Spend more time

Explore, immerse yourself in the culture, relax, and rejuvenate all at your own pace!

Don’t wait around

Travelling with fewer people means less time spent waiting – from hotels, airports, transportation. Enjoy more time visiting the sights!

Accommodation options are endless

Enjoy the flexibility of staying at a wide variety of places that are usually more unique to the local area.

Local guides

The best way to visit any destination is to be shown around by a local! As questions, get insider tips, and learn about their day to day life.

Enjoy private transportation

Leave the logistics, planning, and research for transportation up to someone else! Small groups and customized tours generally have high quality private transportation that reduces your travel time. The mostly air-conditioned vehicles with a lot of room to spread out makes for a comfortable journey!

Quality time with your fellow travellers

Get to know your travelling companions – whether they’re strangers in a smaller group, or family and friends you’ve chosen to embark on a customized journey with. Make memories that last a lifetime with great people!

Take all the photos you want

With less people around, you’ll have better opportunities to take great photos at all the sights you visit. With exclusive access for a lot of customized journeys, you may be the only group at a certain stop along your trip!

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