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Alvin Parker

Senior Corporate Travel Advisor

Alvin has lived in Vancouver and worked as a travel agent since 1988 and has been with North South Travel as a corporate agent since 1997. In his younger days, Alvin used to travel frequently to Nuremberg, Germany to visit family and still considers it a favourite destination. Summers in the beer gardens and winter visits to one of the best Christmas markets in Germany were always highlights. If you get the chance to visit, make sure you order a Drei im Weckla – three small sausages in a bun, a street food that Nuremburg is well known for.

In recent years, Alvin has discovered a love for the beauty, history, food and warm, welcoming people of Turkey. Over the course of five consecutive December visits, each one farther east into this fascinating country, Alvin has enjoyed the services of Tours by Locals. He highly recommends hiring local guides wherever you travel to get a feel for the ‘real’ country beyond the usual tourist views.

Always up for an adventure, Alvin was recently in New Zealand and skydived 18,500 feet, white water rafted over a 7 metre waterfall, and spelunked through a cave in a wetsuit and innertube where he floated under glow worms dangling from the ceiling. He also ate all the green lipped mussels and lamb he could find. He is definitely going back!

If you live in Vancouver, you may have seen Alvin on his preferred mode of transport - a 36 inch wheel unicycle which he rides everyday to and from work. Great exercise, views and fresh air!

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