Alvin Parker
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Alvin Parker

Senior Corporate Travel Advisor

Alvin moved to Vancouver 25 years ago from Fort Nelson, British Columbia. Always looking for something exciting to do, Alvin decided to join the travel industry in 1987. He has travelled to some exciting cities but his favorite is Nuremberg, Germany. He first visited Nuremberg when he was a teenager with his family and kept going back year after year; “Nuremberg has the most fascinating ChristKindlmarket in the world, if you get a chance to visit Nuremberg in December, make sure to stop at the ChristKindlmarket. You will not regret it”.

In 1998 Alvin joined North South Travel and became one of the UBC Corporate Team. He is well known for his great customer service and efficient style of work that all of us at North South Travel benefit from. His clients trust him and value his work, “ I appreciate his expertise and advice” said one of Alvin’s many appreciative clients.

Alvin’s preferred means of transportation is his 36 inch wheel unicycle. Alvin unicycles everyday to and from work (unless it’s snowing really heavily) He has had several articles written about his unusual commute. Click here to read the Momentum Mag article:

Alvin is a traveler by nature and believes what a better way to see the city except through the eyes of a local. “ I like to take tours by locals whenever I can, you get the local prospective instead of the tourists view.”

I truly appreciate the help!

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Alvin is the best!

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