Tips on cruising the Yangtze River

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Yangtze River is considered to be the greatest river in China, and it is regarded as the fifth biggest river by water volume in the entire world.
Read on to learn about the practical tips that every Yangtze cruise passenger should bear in mind before and during the trip.
* Things to Bring
Strong wind is expected during fall, so ensure that you bring a coat or a sweater. Aside from this, rain gear is recommended as the weather in the river is quite unpredictable. In addition, a pair of training shoes or rubber shoes is essential especially if you plan on climbing the three beautiful gorges.
If you want to keep expenses to a minimum, ensure to bring supply detergent soaps and clothes’ line so that you can do your own laundry. Lastly, while there is physician on board, you could bring the usual medications for headache, stomach pain, and sea sickness and so on to reduce fees from health check ups.
* Expenses
Upon checking in, a boarding card will be given to you, in which all of your trip expenditures will be logged. You could pay at the end of the cruise in cash or using a credit card. Most cruise ships provide free drinks, yet these are only limited to beers and non-alcoholic beverages.
While you could opt to bring your own food to steer clear of the costly meals offered in the cruise ship’s restaurant, it is restricted to bring them inside the establishments, including the recreation center and the bar.
On the whole, taking a cruise along the Yangtze River would become more hassle-free and relaxing if you keep in mind the abovementioned pieces of advice.

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