Lattitude Ghana - 21 day Africa Experience

Posted by Liz · in West Africa, Anywhere · about Adventure

Lattitude Ghana - 21 day Africa Experience

Posted by Liz · in West Africa, Anywhere · about Adventure

West Africa between Accra and Accra - 21 days - DRAGOMAN - Prices from $1,965 USD

We've cherry picked the 'best bits' of Ghana and its much less visited but just as fascinating neighbours, Togo and Benin, to create what is unquestionably one of the best West Africa trips on the market. There's wildlife including the last population of West African lions in Pendjari National Park! There's culture, from voodoo shines in Mount Klouto, to Ganvie stilt fishermen houses and the two storey houses of the Tammari a.k.a. Somba people. There's relaxation, including both the Benin Grand Popo Atlantic beaches as well as those in Keta, Ghana. If you love the unusual, this trip ticks all the boxes.

Itinerary (based on a September departure)

Day 1: Accra

Day 2: Akosombo

Day 3: Akosombo, Lake Volta

Day 4: Mont Klouto

Day 5: Mont Klouto

Day 6-7: Togo wild camp

Day 8: Tata Somba region

Day 9: Tata Somba region

Day 10-11: Pendjari National Park

Day 12: Benin wild camp

Day 13: Abomey

Day 14: Ganvie

Day 15: Ganvie, Ouidah

Day 16: Ouidah, Grand Popo

Day 17: Grand Popo

Day 18: Agbodrafo

Day 19: Keta

Day 20: Accra

Day 21: Accra

Included Activities

  • Visit Akosombo Dam
  • An evening of energetic drumming and dancing from the local villagers in Mont Klouto
  • Guided tour of the Tata Somba villages of northern Benin, learning about the traditional culture and way of life, and visiting their incredible 2-storey 'mud castle' homes.
  • Visit to Pendjari National Park, famous for being one of the best wildlife reserves in West Africa
  • A guided tour of the capital of the ancient Dahomey empire, including the Dahomey Palace and Museum.
  • Visit to the incredible stilt village of Ganvie, where an entire community of fisherman live in a town entirly built on stilts in the middle of Lake Noukoe near Cotonou
  • Half-day tour of Ouidah, including the museums and exhibitions at La Maison Bresil, learning about the history of slavery on the 'Route des Esclaves' and the Point of No Return, and a visit to the voodoo Snake Temple.
  • Trip in a local non-motorised pirogue across Lac Togo to Togoville, where you can explore the town and learn all about it's history and culture
  • Visit the ruins of the small Danish slave fort, Fort Prinzenstein.

**additional activities are available for a low cost

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