Long Stay Vacations

Treat yourself to an extended vacation!

Long-stay vacations are extremely popular- they are the perfect alternative for those who want to skip winter, or simply dream of a prolonged, sun-fill vacation!

Because you will be staying longer than average, you can take advantage of great prices. In fact the longer you stay, the better it becomes! Doesn't a one, two or three month winter break relaxing around a pool or by the ocean, taking walks in the sunshine or exploring new locations sound dreamy to you? Choosing to get away for a longer period of time allows you to explore a country in more depth, immerse yourself in the local culture and experience the city as a local.

Whether you'd like to book all-inclusive accommodation or rent an apartment or holiday home, we can help you create the perfect experience.

Contact us at 604-736-7447 to speak with one of our Long Stay Leisure Travel Specialists for details so we can start designing your extended vacation!