Why You Should Consider a Long-Stay Vacation

Posted by Dana Elford · Apr 07 · in · about Sightseeing
What is considered a Long-Stay Vacation?

A long-stay vacation is a trip that could last anywhere from 20-45 days, that holds great value for those with flexible schedules and are able to travel for longer period of times.

Long-stay vacations give travellers the opportunity to fully immerse in a culture due to the longer period of time you'll be visiting.

These type of vacation packages or trips typically have the option of including:

  • Airport transfers
  • Round-trip airfare (optional)
  • Hotel, condo, or home accommodations
  • Daily breakfast
  • Assistance from an on-site partner or host throughout your stay
  • Optional organized excursions at your discretion

A long-stay vacation typically comes with great value. For the cost of one week in a place like Mexico or Florida, you could spend a month in the Algarve area of Portugal, or a beautiful coastal area of Spain. For the price of 10-14 days on a Hawaiian island, you could spend more than one month in Australia, or enjoy the barefoot luxury of the Cook Islands.

Contrary to popular belief, a long-stay vacation isn't just for those who are retired anymore. More and more people who have flexible work schedules, work remotely, who are taking a work sabbatical, or are in-between start dates for different companies are opting for longer periods of time away.

Long-stay vacations are becoming increasingly popular with parents of young children up to the age of 4, who have one parent working remotely or travelling, while the other is the main caregiver.

Those with homes that are in locations in-demand for rentals (ex: Vancouver, BC) are opting for long-stay vacations, and are then renting out their own properties to off-set the cost of longer getaways.

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